Team Jenn Corp relies on a core group of resourceful partners. We’ve spent years acquiring a short list of specialists who have passed our rigorous tests. Their costs are passed through, when applicable, with no mark-up for our clients.

  • AccountEdge Software is our hands down, slam-dunk, preferred software for small businesses. It costs a few hundred dollars and can be customized for your business. We use it in a network environment – all three of our offices are wired up, and some of our clients are trained so that they can be wired to our server too. We can customize access by user, and generate reports that help our clients manage their business for growth. We are forward thinking: we don’t just burp out numbers that are already done. We help our clients plan and forecast so that numbers don’t startle or scare them. AccountEdge is a perfect tool for pro-active business management and reporting.

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  • CPA firms love us. We give them their numbers on time, so they’re not rushed. We give them the numbers in a way that gets into your tax return easily, and your tax return can always be backed up by your accounting data file. We have a (very) few that we love too. We are picky, and we work with CPA firms that are pro-active, that don’t shirk quarterly planning and reviews, and that understand we want to file on time. We’re anti-extensions: it forces you to look back at last year…until September/October. We should all be thinking about the future and planning for next year’s taxes instead!
  • Surepayroll is our preferred payroll service partner. We can do your payroll without them, but they’re cheaper. They are more affordable than other (unmentionable) bigger services too. We’ll set you up. Your employees will have on line access to their payroll stubs, their W2s and reports. They’ll get direct deposit, and we’ll answer all payroll questions for you. Give your payroll to us and to Surepayroll and then feel free to ignore it.

    If you’re not ready for a full accounting solution right now, but just need payroll, we can help you set that up. We can help you a little…or a lot. You can do it yourself, by enrolling through our secure website. You just need to enter your payroll data. However, if that sounds hideous, we’ll coach you through it on the phone, or…just send us your payroll info and we’ll enter it for you.

    Click here to enroll or run payroll
  • When we shop for health plans or retirement plans, we have a (very) short list of preferred brokers. We insist on being educated about options and make sure our clients have their questions about healthcare answered. We won’t steer you wrong. If you appear on our doorstep with a counselor, broker or pension consultant who is not doing a good job, we’ll be the first to tell you that you’ve been snowed. We’ll help you fix that.

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