Team Jenn Corp Rates

Team Jenn Corp ensures your company has seamless coverage at the most economical rate possible. We keep your company covered by assigning teams of at least 2 or 3 people, with varying skill sets, to even the smallest clients. We bill by the hour according to task and degree of difficulty.

Sample tasks starting with the least difficult are listed below:

- Basic accounting services generally include bill paying, preparation of fee billing for clients, payroll processing, job cost reporting, and bank reconciliation.

- Senior accounting services include client billing services, production/work in progress monitoring, regular customized reporting, non-standard payroll matters, sales tax returns, payroll tax returns, property tax returns, business licenses, and balance sheet account reconciliations. Our supervisors are in regular contact with clients to manage work flow and prioritize accounting matters.

- Our Controller/CFO rates are higher, and include quarterly planning, forecasting and modeling, contract reviews, staff planning, tax planning, issuing financial statements, review meetings, overall business analysis and evaluations of opportunities to buy, sell or merge.

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