We’ll set up a system that works efficiently for both of us. You’ll have all of our virtual accounting services backing you up, but you’ll only pay for the ones you use.

Team Jenn Corp will help you set up a financial system to monitor how your business is growing. We can manage these systems, so you don’t have to.

We do annual reviews for clients who like to get a historical perspective before making the subsequent year’s goals. We use these meetings to show quarterly trends over several years, and as a way to educate your staff about company operations. We’ll review key clients, overall trends, company successes, what works and what doesn’t work.

Ultimately, we want our clients to be able to react quickly to business opportunities and problems. We don’t just pay bills and balance checking accounts. We give you financial status reports at least monthly. If you need a weekly status report, TJC will do it. Without financial reports, you can’t make speedy decisions.

The most expensive part of any business is staff. Staffing - both building and cutting - is critical and Team Jenn Corp has the financial and human resource background to help clients navigate the pitfalls of Labor Law. We are constantly engaged in continuing education regarding Labor Law and taxation so we can make sure that our clients stay current in their practices.

Having a good benefits package can help a business recruit great employees. We’ll help you buy insurance packages when you’re ready to get your staff health insurance. We’ll help figure out the best retirement plan for your business too. Along with those decisions comes a ton of paperwork and TJC can help. We can also advise you on Flexible Spending Accounts and other non-traditional creative ways to take care of your employees and make your office a nice place to work.

Accountants love the earth too. That’s why we want to be as paperless as possible. The benefit of being a virtual accounting department is that most of our business transactions will take place online. Of course there are some aspects of accounting that will always require a hard copy. To cut back on our waste, part of our process involves utilizing pouches we’ll trade back and forth that contain the daily business of accounting, bills, checks, tax forms, etc. We’ve even been known to bike a pouch over to clients. We would certainly encourage you to do the same.

See how Team Jenn Corp can create a cost effective accounting solution for you.

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