Client Testimonials

Jenn has been my accountant at several small companies, one a boutique operation of an international corporation (where I was a mere cog) and the others startups that I have founded. She is a tenacious defender of her clients' best interests, shepherding you through the rules and taking on fools with equal aplomb. You may not realize you need that from your accountant until it's too late. Time is crucial for startups and no minutes are wasted with Team Jenn Corp. And when the spreadsheets are put to bed, Jenn doesn't turn off. She shares a laugh as easily as she stares down auditors, and you can see there's a genuine sense of purpose that permeates her life.
Brian Kariger - former Owner of and Owner of Recargo

Jenn and her team provide incredible reporting and all of the accounting back-office support I need to manage my business effectively. Through them, I essentially have a staff of five people I wouldn’t be able to afford if I had hired them all individually. I couldn’t find anybody else out there like them. And I looked.
Michael Dowling, CEO of Interpret, a Los Angeles-based market research firm with approximately 40 employees.

They’re pretty much our virtual grownup responsibility people. They work with non-accounting dummies like us and keep us legit and solvent. Jenn is very protective; she’s like a big den mother. She doesn’t let us – she doesn’t let the children – touch the money.
Cary Sacks, President of ideaology, a Los Angeles ad agency.

“Jenn and her team are amazing. They have been working with Gnomon in the multifaceted capacities of Controller, accounting department, payroll management and human resources for over 15 years, and we have never had an issue or a problem that was too difficult for them to solve. Every member of Team Jenn Corp is highly competent, proactive and professional, and they have exceeded our expectations each year. I highly recommend Jenn and her company without hesitation.”
Patricia Winters, School Director for Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

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