Tracey Jimenez
Billing Coordinator
13323 Washington Blvd. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Tracey is originally from England, but came to Florida as a nanny for a wealthy family. Unfortunately that family had the idea she was an indentured servant. They paid her so poorly that she could never leave the house. That did not settle too well with Tracey so she ran away and bought a $99 Greyhound ticket good for anywhere in the US. Tracey ended up on the opposite coast of America and spent three days at a homeless shelter in Santa Barbara. All of the gruesome details are available for the price of one drink.

Life got better after that (if you exclude the time spent avoiding cops called to chase her down). Tracey found herself traveling the US on the Indy race car circuit, and driver Roberto Guerro of team Alfa Romeo. If pressed, you can be sure that she has quite a few juicy stories about certain drivers she knows from that time.

Tracey and Jenn met while sprinting the straightaways at a local track club where both had dreams of marathons and tubs of Icy Hot. She demanded an interview during the cool down lap, but TJC didn’t have any openings. Luckily for Tracey, Jenn was afraid of her, so the interview was eventually granted. Appropriately enough it took place at a bar, over a beer and Tracey was hired immediately.

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