Nina Zambetti
Staff Accountant
95 S. Market Street, Suite 440
San Jose, CA 95113

Nina is one of our new Staff Accountants at Team Jenn. She is part Persian part Russian and a little Italian! She has lived in Iran, Italy and now sunny California. Her whole family lives in Italy.

Nina came to the U.S. Five years ago and went to U.C Berkeley for a year studying English and Literature. She then went to Stanford for a year majoring in Computer Programming but realized she's no Mark Zuckerberg. Instead, she found the wonderful world of accounting at San Jose State University.

Nina grew up playing roller blade (both speed and figure) and has the medals to prove it! She loves football and is a Raiders/Cowboys' fan. Also she loves Hockey! Go Sharks! And horseback riding is definitely her thang. Happily married, Nina doesn't have any human kids but her fur child's name is Halloween. He's a British Bombay cat with style. Next on her pet list? A Siberian Husky!

Something that Nina and Jenn have in common - they both love motorcycles. Not a day goes by that Nina doesn't ride her motorcycle, it doesn't matter if it's raining or snowing! She has a Harley Davidson Street 2015 and has another Harley Davidson Iron 883 in her sights.

Her biggest goal in life is to start an all girl's motorcycle club!

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