Mike Plisek
Our Go-To Consultant & Friend
95 S. Market Street, Suite 440
San Jose, CA 95113

Mike is a native New Yorker, who, well prepared with a marketing degree, started his career working in accounting for several ad & media buying agencies. Shortly after completing his MBA, he was bludgeoned in the head one morning by a subway train door. When he came to, he realized he needed to get out of NYC before it killed him. Mike decided to escape the cold, urine infested NYC streets for the sunny beaches of Southern California.

In Los Angeles he held several more financial management positions for ad & media buying businesses. He then fled for the colder, yet greener, Bay Area where he continued to work for ad agencies in both San Francisco & San Jose before joining Team Jenn Corp. Mike is uniquely qualified for Team Jenn Corp. In one of his earliest jobs he was the first male bank teller for a small Maryland credit union where he worked in a 20x40 foot office with six hostile Southern women. Later, he worked in an all-gal US Congressman’s office with teeth gnashing politicos. Those jobs have given him the credentials for a position at Team Estro-Jenn.

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