Max Wojahn
Office Manager
13323 Washington Blvd. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Max grew up in Southern California, where volleyball is a manly sport, and everyone has a surfboard in their garage. A towhead, he spent more time in the ocean than on dry land. It was only through the intervention of his stepmother, that Max was awakened to a joy completely separate from sunburns, saltwater, and padded, inflatable spheres: he discovered a passion for reading that continues to this day.

By the time college rolled around, Max had a change of heart, and hightailed it to Colorado to get a true taste of all four seasons. Between snowboarding, and hiking, he studied Business Management for practicality, with minors in Creative Writing and Psychology for enjoyment.

After four snowy Colorado winters Max graduated from DU, and fled to Florida to spend a couple years with his best buddy Travis. He tried his hand as a recruiter at a staffing agency. Nothing else conducive to becoming a respectable member of society happened on the East Coast: proof that Max and Travis should not live in the same city.

After returning to Los Angeles, it took Max 5 years at a huge travel agency to wake up, smell the numbers, and realize that Team Jenn Corp was just the company to provide him with the challenge he had been searching for. He hasn't looked back yet!

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