Kolin Brown
Staff Accountant
13323 Washington Blvd. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Kolin Brown was born right here in Hollywood, which is unusual for TJC; this is a company, and a city, filled with transplants from all over the USA and the world. We may have to nickname him Tiny because he's 6'6" tall and we want him to moonlight as a bouncer at our parties. He played football in high school (tight end, defensive end, offensive tackle), but turned down scholarship offers from Division One schools. He bailed football in college and, instead, fiddled around with computer engineering for a year and a half. Eventually, he settled on Management with a heavy dose of Accounting, and finished his Bachelor's at Cal State Northridge. Big boy. Big brains.

When he's not working out what to get for his first tattoo or trying out new food (please no more chitterlin's), Kolin loves to travel. He'd like to hop over to France to see his mother's birthplace on his next trip. Kolin's all-time favorite trip so far was to Jamaica (and not just because of the killer beaches).

Before coming to TJC, Kolin honed his accounting skills at Hormel foods. If you ask nicely, he can tell you the secrets of sausage, hot dogs, and bacon (blechhhh). Although working with sausage was super fun, Kolin jumped at the chance to roll up his sleeves and get right into the nitty-gritty accounting and career development offered by TJC.

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