Erika Morgan
Accounting Supervisor
95 S. Market Street, Suite 440
San Jose, CA 95113

Erika Morgan is a California girl born and raised in the hot desert of Apple Valley where you could watch a tumbleweed roll for miles.

Erika always liked numbers and accounting just seemed like the right fit in college. After graduation, she started working at CBIZ as a tax accountant, moved her way up to a senior position and then decided to make a jump to business management. She moved to a firm that specialized in entertainment clients. She enjoyed the work but wanted to be more client centric. So, here she is at Team Jenn Corp!

Erika has an older sister, younger brother, and her parents are all still kicking. She’s a very proud Auntie and also has a dog named Pinot Grigio Morgan. She likes wine… and baking, but not together. She also enjoys going to Disneyland, Disney movies, and movies that she can sing along to. Like most of us here at Team Jenn Corp, Erika likes to move her body and has decided that her next exercising adventure wil be mud runs!

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