Brian Martinez
Staff Accountant
13323 Washington Blvd. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Brian is from Pasadena, and that makes him one of those rare native Californians. He's an athlete who spent 13 years in competitive swimming, and he graduated from San Jose State with a Bachelor's in Accounting. He also finished half a culinary degree (no one will be surprised if he opens a restaurant someday). Add to that that he has dabbled enough in real estate to be licensed, and we've got a well rounded dude over here. After an internship with Intuit, Brian wanted exposure to a larger variety of accounting issues, and less software assisted processes. If it's variety he wants... he'll sure get it at TJC.

Brian, like many of our team, doesn't fit the standard accounting-guy stereotype. He has a sense of adventure and says he's spontaneous enough to be your guy when you want to jump in the car and go to Vegas. He once traveled to Paris and, through an unfortunate turn of events, found himself walking the streets of the city late at night with no money, and no place to stay. Being the resourceful guy that he is though, Brian was able to spend the rest of his trip in style (be sure to ask about the two Snickers). Sounds like he can make a buck go a long way.

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