Ariane Hennings
Staff Accountant
13323 Washington Blvd. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Hailing from Buffalo New York, the feisty Ariane joins TJC in pursuit of a new and bigger challenge (uh, careful what you wish for Little Missy...). She globe trotted a bit and spent a lot of time in Spain, but she always dreamed of living in California. Ariane decided to make the jump to TJC after graduating with both a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Accounting.

Ariane isn't only an up and coming badass accountant - she may just be the fittest person that TJC has on staff today. For the past 7 years she has been teaching, among other things, hip hop dance, yoga and kickboxing (aka ass-kicking). She's already whipping the TJC LA office into shape. Slackers and snackers beware. If we're just going to the gym for a steam and a shower, we'll sneak by her door because she is asking us to report back on what we really did there. This girl really does live by the TJC work-hard + play-hard mantra!

She may have a tough exterior, but deep down, Ariane is a hopeless romantic. When she was younger she snuck out of town to visit her boyfriend under guise of a "school trip", and heck, one of the reasons she moved to California was to be closer to a boyfriend. (He's history). There's a softy under all that hard core!

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