Jennifer McCabe
13323 Washington Blvd. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Jenn started out at Ogilvy and Mather where she learned the ropes of advertising. She got a taste of everything from public relations to direct response with a dash of systems development for good measure. She moved on to a short stint at a cash management company where she learned quickly that sprawling hallways and men you addressed as Sir Withersbee were not for her. Jenn loves the blood and guts of accounting. She wants to know the person signing the checks.

During the corporate years, Jenn went to school to fluff up her accounting education and became certified in tax work. She was also helping friends with their start up advertising companies and discovered she had a desire to help the little guy with their real world challenges. The corporate world soon became too constraining and stodgy and Jenn jumped ship to create Team Jenn Corp.

While Jenn was jumping ship, she was also jumping out of airplanes. To this date she has made nearly 1,000 jumps. She carries the proud distinction of being a 4-Way Skydiving National Champion, which she won with three other adrenaline junkies in 1992. The nerves of steel come in handy during tax season.

Jenn also climbed Aconcagua in Argentina, one of the great seven summits, for her 40th birthday. She did it without oxygen to 23,000. These days she climbs year round, keeping alive the passion she’s had since her juvenile delinquency in Colorado.

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