Team Jenn Corp started out as a small start-up, sprung from the brain of Founder, Jenn McCabe. We have a long history of serving creative-minded clients from advertising agencies to music video directors. What was once a tight crew of a few people has now grown into a team of professionals serving customers around the world from three different locations in the United States.

Unlike other outsourced or overseas firms, Team Jenn Corp's employees all reside within the U.S. Your calls and concerns are answered by educated accountants that you can actually understand and who are not as 'virtual' as you think. They will even come to your office for face to face meetings when you need them. You’re invited to swing by Team Jenn Corp's digs as well. We don't ever want you to feel as though TJC is only virtually there, because we are always really here, at the office working hard on your business's accounting needs. You’ll feel like we’re in the house, but your accounting costs will reflect the savings you gain from having accountants who aren't actually taking up space and costing you overhead.

From the get-go Team Jenn Corp has realized that a smart, savvy and simple financial system will help any business rake in the dough and new business. We will streamline your accounting processes and maximize the effort you put toward your company's financial needs. Over the years, we have seen dozens of companies made it into the big time, hire more employees and show profits with the help of our virtual accounting practices.

Team Jenn Corp hosts more accounting knowledge than we know what to do with and we want to share it with you. We are kung-fu efficiency masters in online accounting, so let us handle the numbers. Our long history of accountability, consistency, commitment to education and planning will save you time and money. We’ve been doing this for years, so you can trust us with what’s yours.

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