Business Management, Consulting and Accounting

Team Jenn Corp provides small businesses and startups with an entire accounting department and experienced business management consultation, at their disposal 24/7.

  • All Team Jenn Corp clients receive a full-service virtual accounting department with a complete accounting team, clerk-to-CFO: a service usually reserved for large in house accounting operations. Our clients receive all that without the financial overhead.
  • Team Jenn Corp provides expert business management consulting to clients. TJC has helped hundreds of companies, including global advertising agencies, talented creative shops, a school, several artists and numerous startups.
  • The company culture at Team Jenn Corp integrates perfectly into the culture of our clients' businesses. Unlike most accountants, TJC is not stuffy. The staff works hard and plays hard. Team Jenn Corp Founder, Jennifer McCabe, was a member of a U.S. National Skydiving Team. Other team members have spent their time producing music, marrying rock stars, traveling with the Indy race car circuit, skiing, skateboarding or surfing. Jenn likes to joke, "My clients may sign on because they need an accountant, but, as a bonus, they get a team of fun people to hang out with. In fact, that’s the number one reason people work with us."
  • We don't live in your office, you don't have to pay for our lights, copy paper or legal sized manila envelopes. We are an outsourced accounting department, meaning that we have our own resources outside of yours. We have our own fringe benefits and our own copy machine. Being an online accounting department means it's cost effective for both of us.
  • We'll help with all the basic stuff that goes along with financially accounting for your business: payroll, taxes, billing and insurance. If you don't know why you owe taxes, we'll explain it to you and make sure you file what you need to when you need to. You can give us all the hard stuff with math so that you have more time to run your business.

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